Team Mess

Bingo Unit 01
“Team MESS… are crafting an intriguing interrogative role in the performance world as fearless, funny and clever interpreters of our contemporary culture.”

– Chris Mead, Playwriting Australia

“Team MESS ask more questions than any other theatre-makers I’ve ever met. Their fiercely radical sense of fun results inshows that are incisive and hilarious.”

– Emily Sexton, Next Wave Artistic Director

Team MESS is the collaborative output of a group of young artists who work across the performing and visual arts. As a collective we play with the conventions, rituals and spectacles of popular culture and the everyday to stage theatre events that close the critical distance between the work and the viewer and open up a shared space of experience, exchange and possibility. We then use this space to explore contemporary modes of narrative production and audience agency.

Opening Night (in development)

We see Opening Night as the furthering of this collaborative methodology into a more “traditional theatre” form, where previously we have staged a a performed press-conference for a film which is nonexistent, except for its collateral, and which unfolds in an imaginary and speculative space by positioning the audience as press and seducing them into asking questions of the film (This Is It, Performance Space, 2010; PICA & Arts House, 2011; Brisbane Powerhouse & APAM, 2012; Bleach Festival & Sydney Film Festival, 2013).

Bingo Unit (touring now)

For our most recent and current project, BINGO Unit, we shoot a series of cliched scenes of a fictional new television crime drama with members of the general public, who are given no direction or script to dictate the scene in which they play all the lead roles, and the footage is screened in the form of a ‘Back-Lot Tour’ of the episode in which the final scenes are shot in the same fashion with the attending audience (Next Wave Festival 2012; Performance Space 2013; Renmark & Mt Gambier, withCountry Arts South Australia 2014).

We are excited by the creative distance that the structure of Opening Night will give us, between our projected ideas and their realisation by an audience, taking advantage of the space between the setting up and implementing of a structure and its final outcome in the form of the theatre show.


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