Producer Residencies: Summary of First Paper, Oct 2013

This is the page where I published the first discussion paper in advance of IETM Athens, floating the idea and posing some questions about why, how, where to from here..

The first paper is here.

The current second discussion paper and online forum are here.


I’m interested in developing new creative relationships between Australia and Europe, through a series of reciprocal producer residencies.

I will be presenting a talk on the idea in Newsround at IETM Athens, at 1500 on Thursday 17 October.

We’re familiar with the artist-in-residence model.  Visual artists, performance makers, musicians, they come to your place, they set up in a studio, a barn out the back, or some historical building with fertile layers of social history and meaning to play with, explore, make art in/with/about. You throw them together with some local artists and hope there’s a connection to make something exciting.  Sometimes, it’s the beginning of a beautiful friendship, an on-going collaboration. Other times, it’s an interesting but ephemeral one-off event.

But could a producer relationship open up more or other kinds of opportunities, both creative and market opportunities, for the artists at both ends of the exchange?  They meet a bunch of people, see some work and some making processes, and gain a deeper understanding of the context and practice of that place. They take that home, and hopefully that experience connects their practice and their network of collaborators to the place and the network that hosted them. But it also perhaps gives the place that has hosted them, some kind of presence, a voice, a champion, an ambassador. So there’s potential for brokering of new relationships both ways.

I have arranged a kind of pilot for myself next European summer/autumn, being hosted by half a dozen organisations in the UK, Croatia and Hungary. I’d like to add more. But the project depends on the success of a funding application to our main Australian funding body, the Australia Council for the Arts. It will be a way to research whether it’s a good model to pursue, and set up relationships to build it into a longer-term, wider-ranging network of exchange.

I have also spoken with a number of Australian organisations who would be keen to host a European producer, naturally pending the resolution of the many questions about how it might work.

More in the outline you can download, or contact me. I’m in Athens from October 12 for IETM.

Download Producer Residencies Discussion Paper 1 15Oct13


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