Producer Residencies: New Discussion Paper & Forum

Download Producer Residencies Discussion Paper 2 (9 Dec 2013)

I’m interested in developing new creative relationships between Australia and Europe, through a series of reciprocal producer residencies. (Why?*)

I presented a Newsround talk at IETM Athens in October, and was swamped with interest from more than 35 organisations across Europe and Australia. Thanks to everyone I talked with for those great conversations. It really seems that the idea has legs.

In response to those, and in talking further with some colleagues, I’ve developed the idea further in a second discussion paper, and have mapped out a possible structure for a system of residencies, a network of organisations connected through a shared exchange via their producers.

I’m now seeking feedback and input from those interested in the idea, to develop it further to the point of seeking funding, possibly as early as February – March 2014 (Australia Council for the Arts, and Creative Europe).

If you’d like to contribute, here’s what to do.

1. Read the new Discussion Paper 2.

2. Respond to it by comment in the forum below. Think big picture, or details, however you want to engage. Or if you prefer to comment in private, contact me directly.

3. Answer a short questionairre (5-10 minutes), to help us imagine how people might want this thing to work.

(*Why? If you missed the first discussion paper, read a summary or the whole thing, here.)

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