A copy of the internet: part lecture, part town hall meeting, part wikipedia wormhole

POST have made a new show. It’s about the world.

Nat & Mish have been on a road trip. They’ve talked to hundreds of ordinary people the old-fashioned way – face to face, over cups of tea, to get their take on what the world looks like.

What do they do with all this information? Obviously, ask a high end digital technology laboratory to create the slowest search engine imaginable, to store and access this treasure trove of banal observations.

Come and have a play on their database, internet thingy, better described as a digital bingo machine and find the extraordinary in the everyday.

We Are the World is part town hall meeting, part Wikipedia wormhole, where you the audience navigate your own adventure, to be performed anew each night by POST.

Join them for their very real virtual tour of the virtual… in real time.


World premiere at Sir Robert Helpmann Theatre, Mt Gambier, Feb 23-25

“post write exceedingly well, act with verve and dance badly with great conviction.”
RealTime (on Who’s the Best?)

Creative Team

Created and performed by post (Natalie Rose, Mish Grigor, Zoe Coombs Marr). Sound Design: James Brown Design: Jess Oliveri Lighting Design: Neil Simpson Digital Programmers: Grumpy Sailor

Produced by Steve Mayhew (Country Arts South Australia) & Harley Stumm (Intimate Spectacle)

Production Notes

In final development now before premiere Feb 2017. Anticipated final duration: 60 minutes. Touring team: 4. Ideal venue up to 100 capacity, intimate & informal spaces such as studio theatres, rehearsal rooms, large meeting rooms.


We Are the World is produced by Country Arts South Australia & Intimate Spectacle.

The development has been supported by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body, via the Digital Theatre Initiative, and by the NSW Government through Arts NSW.

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