Intimate Spectacle is an independent performing arts producer established by Harley Stumm in 2012. It works across genres, from contemporary theatre & dance theatre to live art and interactive performance. In its first three years, Intimate Spectacle has:

• Produced Branch Nebula’s Artwork, commissioned by Carriageworks, premiered August 2015

• Produced The Cambodian Space Project’s Hanuman Spaceman, in Kampot, Cambodia (first draft), and at Casula Powerhouse, (second draft) May 2015;

• Produced the development, premiere and tour of indigenous choreographer Vicki Van Hout’s new show, Long Grass, at Sydney Festival 2015 and Dance Massive 2015, with Performance Space

• Produced the residency-created performances of Lenine Bourke’s live art work featuring guided tours by children, The Walking Neighbourhood, in Art and About Festival, Sydney, and Anti Festival, Kuopio Finland, simultaneously in September 2014;

• Produced I Think I Can, a new public live art work by Sam Routledge & Martyn Coutts with model railway enthusiasts, premiering on Sydney Central Station Grand Concourse in City of Sydney’s Art & About festival, 2013; touring to Perth International Arts Festival and The Great Southern, Albany, 2014, and Festival of Live Art 2014

• Produced the tour of Branch Nebula’s Whelping Box to Arts House (Melbourne), 2013, winner of the prestigious Helpmann Award (Best Visual or Physical Theatre Production) and Green Room Award (Best Contemporary Performance)

• Produced localised versions of Team MESS’s Bingo Unit for Sydney and a regional tour of Renmark & Mt Gambier with Country Arts SA, through an innovative engagement residency process;

• Produced the Sydney season of Team MESS’s BINGO Unit, presented by Performance Space, also undertaking an exciting new community engagement residency tour in Renmark and Mt Gambier in 2014, presented by Country Arts SA.

• Toured Team MESS’s This Is It to Bleach Festival (Gold Coast) and Sydney Film Festival Hub

• Produced a major new work by Erth, Murder, commissioned through the Major Festivals Initiative,  presented by Sydney Festival, Adelaide Festival, and Ten Days on the Island, and nominated for a Helpmann Award for Best Visual or Physical Theatre Production

• Brokered the tour of Vicki Van Hout’s Briwyant to Brisbane Powerhouse, Malthouse (Melbourne), and Darwin Festival, 2012

• Provided producing and market development consultancy services to artists and organisations including Australian Dance Theatre (Adelaide), Aphids (Melbourne), Dancenorth (Townsville), Performance Space, (Sydney) and Animal Farm Collective (Berlin/Freiburg).

• Attended European theatre network meeting IETM in Zagreb, Dublin, Athens, Montepelier, Sofia & Bergamo, ISPA Congress in Seoul, Korea, Australian Theatre Forums (Brisbane 2011, Canberra 2013, Sydney 2015), APACA Conferences (Darwin 2012, Canberra 2013, Hobart 2014, Sydney 2015).

• Been supported with an independent producer grant for 2012-13 by the Australia Council’s Market Development Division.

In production for 2015 and beyond are:

In 2014, Harley and Intimate Spectacle curated and produced the IETM Caravan to Sydney, a highly successful event, hosting 50 artists, presenters and producers from countries including Republic of Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Hong Kong, China, Netherlands, Czech Republic, UK, Germany, Denmark, and Finland. The event was a three day immersion in Sydney’s streets, history and contemporary performance culture and practice: part professional delegation, part promenade performance, part networking session, part brainstorm, part pub crawl.

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